T450 T-Racer surface cleaner for Pressure Washers

Cleans large surfaces without splashing: T-Racer surface cleaner T 450. Extra power nozzle for corners and edges, handle for vertical cleaning, protection grid for gravel surfaces, cleaning pressure adjustment.
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With the T-Racer surface cleaner T 450, large surfaces in outside areas can be cleaned effectively, without splashing and up to 50% faster compared to cleaning with a spray lance. The reason for this is the twin-jet rotating arm, which ensures dirt removal on large surfaces. The additional power nozzle, which can be conveniently activated when needed using the pedal, also allows effective cleaning of corners and edges. The T 450 also features a special protection grid, which enables the cleaning of Japanese gardens and other gravel surfaces. The pressure can be optimally adjusted by altering the nozzle clearance to the object being cleaned. This means that both hard surfaces such as stone and concrete, and more sensitive surfaces such as wood, can be cleaned. Thanks to the hovercraft effect, the T-Racer is particularly easy to manoeuvre. And even vertical surfaces such as garage doors can be cleaned in no time thanks to the practical handle. The T-Racer surface cleaner T 450 is suitable for Karcher Home & Garden pressure washers, classes K 4 to K 7.


Technical data

Weight without accessories 2.1 kg
Weight incl. packaging 2.8 kg
Dimensions (L × W × H) 790 x 321 x 1011 mm