WB 150 power brush for K2 to K7

WB 150 power brush for splash-free cleaning of sensitive surfaces. The effective combination of high pressure and manual brush pressure saves energy, water and up to 30% time.
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The WB 150 power brush is perfect for splash-free cleaning of sensitive surfaces such as vehicle or motorcycle paintwork, glass, winter gardens, garage doors, shutters, blinds, garden furniture, bicycles etc. The innovative washing brush with two rotating flat jet nozzles combines full power with gentle force. The new surface cleaner with soft washing brush impresses with its efficient combination of a high-pressure jet and manual brush pressure. Working with the power brush results in significant savings of energy and water as well as a time saving of up to 30%. The fast, efficient and effortless cleaning using high pressure in conjunction with a brush ensures even cleaner homes and gardens. Suitable for all Karcher pressure washers of the K 2 to K 7 classes.


Technical data

Weight without accessories 0.7 kg
Weight incl. packaging 1 kg
Dimensions (L × W × H) 392 x 222 x 211 mm