WB 120 rotating wash brush

Rotating wash brush with interchangeable attachment for cleaning all smooth surfaces such as paint, glass or plastic. Quick and easy attachment changing thanks to the integrated release lever.
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The rotating wash brush including the interchangeable attachment Universal is equipped with a release lever for quick and easy attachment changing without contact with dirt, and also features a transparent cover for a particularly impressive cleaning experience. The pressure washer brush is recommended for thorough cleaning of a variety of surfaces such as paint, glass or plastic. Detergent can be applied via the pressure washer if required. Thanks to its new gearbox, the WB 120 boasts more power than previous models for effective and thorough cleaning. The rotating wash brush is suitable for use with all Karcher pressure washers in the K 2 to K 7 ranges. The interchangeable attachments Car & Bike and Home & Garden, both available separately, are designed specifically for both delicate and resistant surfaces, and are compatible with both the WB 120 brush and the previous model, the WB 100.


Technical data

Weight without accessories 0.4 kg
Weight incl. packaging 0.5 kg
Dimensions (L × W × H) 309 x 153 x 135 mm