T 5 T-Racer surface cleaner for K range

Thorough and splash-free cleaning over large areas: The T 5 T-Racer surface cleaner. The adjustable nozzle position means the surface cleaner can be used to clean hard and delicate surfaces alike.
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The twin-jet rotating arm of the T 5 T-Racer surface cleaner is capable of removing dirt over large areas for fast and efficient cleaning of large outside areas. Ultra-practical: The surface cleaner can be adjusted so that the nozzle is positioned at the ideal distance from the surface, depending on the material. This means that hard surfaces, such as stone and concrete, can be cleaned just as effectively as more delicate surfaces, such as wood. As a result, the T 5 T-Racer cleans in around half the time needed by a spray lance. What's more, the hood reliably protects the operator and surroundings from spray water, and the "hovercraft effect" makes manoeuvring simpler than ever. Even vertical surfaces, such as garage doors, can be cleaned efficiently thanks to the ergonomic handle. Suitable for pressure washer ranges K 2 to K 7.


Technical data

Weight without accessories 1.4 kg
Weight incl. packaging 2.4 kg
Dimensions (L × W × H) 708 x 280 x 995 mm