Push sweeper S550

The S 550 sweeper with 550-mm working width, 16-l waste container and a side brush is suitable for areas from 30 m². For comfortable, fast sweeping that is gentle on the back.

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The S 550 sweeps five times faster than a broom and also delivers impeccable cleaning results. It is worth using the device from an area of 30 m². Waste such as leaves or grit is conveyed directly into the 16-l waste container: simple, fast and clean! An overall working width of 550 mm is available with the powerful roller brush and the side brush of the S 550. The extra-long bristles of the side brush ensure cleanliness down to the last detail, even in edge regions. The robust, impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant sweeper is easy to push and also very manoeuvrable. The height of the push handle has two positions and can be adjusted to the height of the respective user. If required, the push handle can be collapsed fully. This way the device can be stored upright, thus saving space. The standalone waste container is easy to detach and designed so that it can be safely set down and emptied. All without any contact with dirt.

Feature and Benefits

One side brush

The long bristles on the side brush ensure thorough cleaning even on edges.

Convenient sweeping container

Convenient waste container: waste is drawn directly into the container, which can be easily removed and emptied.

Space-saving storage

With its fold-down push handle, the sweeper can be stored upright, thus taking up very little space.

Adjustable push handle
  • Push handle is height-adjustable (extendable with two angle adjustments). For sweeping that is easy on your back.
Stand-alone waste container
  • Easy to take out and designed so that it can be set down safely.
Comfortable carrying handle
  • The sweeper is easy to transport.

Technical data

Working width with side brush 550 mm
Recommended for areas over 30 m²
Area performance 1600 m²/h
Casing/frame Plastic/Plastic
Weight, ready for operation 9.2 kg
Weight without accessories 9.2 kg
Waste container 16 l
Weight incl. packaging 10.3 kg
Dimensions (L × W × H) 690 x 610 x 930 mm


  • Number of side brushes, 1 piece(s)
  • Storage position
  • Stand-alone waste container
  • 2-fold height-adjustable push handle