Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC3

The Karcher pressure washer with lithium-ion battery and water tank for mobile application. Easy to transport and store. With flat stream for delicate surfaces.

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For anyone who needs a cleaning solution on the go: the compact and lightweight pressure washer from Karcher. Thanks to the integrated lithium-ion battery and detachable water tank, you can, for example, clean your bike or dirty hiking boots even without an electrical or water supply connection. With a gentle but efficient low-pressure flat stream, the pressure washer is ideal for delicate surfaces. An LED display also signals when the battery is low or is being charged. Various accessory boxes are available for a wide range of application and extension options.


Technical data

Battery charge time 180 min
Battery run time 15 min
Pressure range Low pressure
Flow rate 2 l/min
Weight without accessories 2.2 kg
Weight incl. packaging 3 kg
Dimensions (L × W × H) 277 x 234 x 201 mm


  • A3/4" garden hose connector adapter
  • Battery charging cable
  • Flat jet nozzle
  • Device filter
  • Integrated water filter
  • Spiral hose, 2.8 m
  • Water tank volume, 4 l