Grass and shrub shear GSH 18-20 Battery

All lined up: The battery-powered GSH 18-20 Battery 2-in-1 grass & shrub shears cut lawn edges with precision and trim shrubs into elegant shapes. For precision cutting results.
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A gardener's eye delights at clean lines and defined shapes, which make a garden appear lovingly tended. But when mowing alongside rocks, paths or a patio, a lawn mower can never produce a clean, crisp edge. That's where the powerful battery-powered GSH 18-20 Battery grass & shrub shears come into their own. The 12 cm wide grass blade trims lawn edges with ultimate precision. Plus its low weight and high-power battery make it the perfect tool for working for long periods without stopping and for powerful cutting performance. And that's not all it can do: It can also tend to neatly shaped shrubs; provided the right blade is attached, of course. The 20 cm long shrub blade, with double-edged, diamond-ground cutting edges, can be quickly secured to place using the screw-in system without any need for tools. Once those ragged lawn edges and stray branches have all been tamed, the versatile 2-in-1 tool can be hung up in a shed or garage by means of the loop integrated into the blade guard. Space-saving storage of the tool until its power is next called upon.

Technical data

Cutting length 20 cm
Tooth spacing 10 mm
Battery platform 18 V battery platform
-- * Running metres, blade length
Weight without accessories 1.4 kg
Cutting width 12 cm
Weight incl. packaging 2.4 kg
Voltage 18 V
Power per battery charging - Bush cutting * max. 900 (5,0 Ah) m
Dimensions (L × W × H) 582 x 100 x 174 mm
Power per battery charging - Grass cutting max. 1300 (5,0 Ah) m
Runtime per battery charging max. 220 (5,0 Ah) min


  • Hanging storage loop
  • Grass blade
  • Blade guard
  • Shrub blade