Cut branches at the push of a button: The battery tree lopper and its high-quality bypass blade cuts branches with a diameter of up to 3 cm effortlessly and without the need for force.
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Branches a diameter of up to 3 cm are no match for Karcher's battery tree lopper. Thanks to its high-quality bypass blade, you can cut these without the need for force – regardless of how difficult they are to reach. And you can remove branches that have become stuck in the tree with the hook that also acts as a clamp. Cutting branches has never been so easy.

Feature and Benefits

18 V Karcher Battery Power battery platform

The device can be powered by any 18 V Kärcher Battery Power battery.

Bypass blade

Cuts particularly precisely and without the need for force.

Extensive reach

Even reaching higher branches is no problem.

Technical data

Battery platform 18 V battery platform
Drive Brush motor
Overall length (cm) 91
Cutting force dead wood (cm) 2,8
Cutting force fresh wood (cm) 3
Cutting force (Nm) 250
Noise level (dB(A)) 80
Blade material Steel with Teflon coating
Blade thickness (mm) 4,8
Voltage (V) 18
Performance per battery charge * (cuts) max. 375 (2,5 Ah) / max. 750 (5,0 Ah)
Runtime per battery charging (min) max. 20 (2,5 Ah) / max. 40 (5,0 Ah)
Weight without accessories (kg) 2,4
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 3,3
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 911 x 96 x 209


  • Handle, rigid, single pole
  • Cutting blade type, Bypass
  • Branch hook