Car cleaning kit for VC4s

The car interior cleaning set is easy to operate and includes a dust brush, a special nozzle and a flexible hose for comfortably cleaning the entire interior of your car. Whether you're cleaning the dashboard, car seats, textile surfaces or floor mats, you can reach and reliably clean even the smallest gaps and crevices.
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The revised car interior cleaning set from Kärcher convinces with high levels of cleanliness: using the dust brush and special nozzle attachment, the normally laborious process of cleaning your car's interior becomes easier than ever. The flexible, length-adjustable hose guarantees extremely easy handling: it can easily access even the smallest crevices and hard-to-reach spaces. All upholstered surfaces, floor mats and the dashboard, centre console and boot can be given a deep clean, making your car a perfectly clean comfort zone.

Feature and Benefits

Comprehensive additional equipment for thorough cleaning of all surfaces inside cars
The flexible hose ensures the utmost flexibility and therefore maximum freedom of movement


Technical data

Weight (kg) 0,3
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0,8
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 415 x 120 x 43