Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


For the single people out there, we know how you’re always out and about, and barely have time for cleaning your studio or one bedroom apartment, and that’s exactly why Karcher created a special cordless vacuum cleaner just for you, and that is the VC4 myHome!

As for you newly weds, and all the new parents out there trying to juggle between raising your kids, going to work, taking care of your spouse, and keeping your house clean, the VC6 ourFamily by Karcher was created to make your lives easier!

When it comes to choosing between the regular version and the premium version, it all comes down to your preference!

Easy To Remove Filters

Our VC range comes with 2 filters, the air inlet filter, and the HEPA filter, both easily removable.

Unique Filter Cleaning Kit

Preserve your air inlet filter by using Karcher's specialized filter cleaning tool

VC4 myHome

Stop worrying about cleaning, the VC4 myHome is easy to use, and easy to store. Use the boost button for a better, faster and easier cleaning experience.


VC 4 myHome Premium

The Premium version includes our unique filter cleaning tool. WOW, even more convenient.


VC 6 ourFamily

Light up the way for a thorough cleaning experience with the LED lights function on the new cordless VC6 ourFamily.


VC 6 ourFamily Premium

Double the trouble with an extra battery and an array of accessories.

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